We've scaled back our full suite of marketing services recently to focus on what we love the most: message development and a range of copywriting services to suit small businesses in particular. 


We can work with you to identify or enhance your value propositon and provide SEO friendly copywriting and editing services to bring it to life.

We have experience in the finance, technology and legal sectors and even if this isn't directly relevant to you, it makes us a great choice for any marketing or communication project that requires a sensitive approach, or where any kind of complexity needs to be translated into clear, compelling or even creative messaging. 

The clients we love the most are those who are passionate about their business (perhaps built it themselves from the ground up) and who truly appreciate the importance of quality messaging, communications and collateral.

Although the Message Studio is based in Hampshire (where our founder is located), these days we're a small, flexible, freelance team, located across the UK.


Years of hands-on marketing experience means we can turn our hand to almost any challenge. In our eyes, everything communicates and making sure your messaging is powerful and consistent, wherever it appears, is what we do best.

Insatiably curious

When it comes to writing about what makes you different, or developing a programme that will deliver results, knowledge matters! Everything we take on, however small, starts by getting under the skin of what you're about.

Detail orientated

Working through the fine details of a strategic plan, executing flawless marketing programmes and delivering natural, well written copy that people will want to read is what we do. Our attention to detail borders on the obsessive and we'll be beside ourselves if you spot a typo.

Creatively blessed

We find it tough not to come up with lots of ideas for our customers. We also appreciate the 'art of the possible' when it comes to collateral and website design. Using us to brief and manage your agencies could save time and help you achieve an even better result.

Our promise to you...

It costs nothing to talk to us; if we don't think we can make a difference to your business, we won't take on the work.



Alton, Hampshire